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editor’s noteAs an editor, I get to interview lots of incredible people, from politicians to philanthropists, celebri- ties to hard-working, innovative entrepreneurs.This role gives me amazing opportunities to gar- ner insight about business and economic develop- ment from the greatest minds in the country, and this issue proves to be no different. .Our cover story space this month belongs to Jona- than and Drew Scott, known for their roles as the Property Brothers on HGTV, and hosting other well- known home reno shows. I love how frank these two are when it comes to realistic home renova- tion and building your brand as an entrepreneur. It doesn’t get more real than Jonathan and Drew when it comes to working hard to achieve your dreams.We also interviewed Diana Olsen, founder of Bal- zac’s Coffee Roasters, Ken LeBlanc, founder of, and many more innovators for this issue - which has a theme of real estate with a connecting thread of entrepreneurialism.I hope you enjoy this month’s edition as much as our team did creating it. Of course, let us know what you loved and what you’d like to see in a future issue, write to me personally at sara.kopamees@ next month!Sara Kopamees Editor in Chief

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